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GoodData Connector Overview

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GoodData is not compatible with Pardot accounts that allow multiple prospects with the same email address (AMPSEA).

Pardot is great at collecting marketing and sales data. GoodData is great at displaying that data. Pardot is integrated with GoodData to help you customize your reporting capabilities, narrowing in on long-term trends in your marketing efforts.

This feature is no longer available.

Viewing your GoodData Reports for the first time

To initiate your GoodData reporting, go to Admin > Connectors > Add new connector. Select GoodData. This will tell GoodData to begin pulling your Pardot data into the GoodData system for reporting. For small accounts, this can happen fairly quickly; but for very large accounts it may take a day or more for your Pardot data to load into GoodData. Subsequent updates will happen each night.

Your pre-built GoodData reports are available under the reporting section in Pardot. To access, navigate to Reports > GoodData. After your initial data load, your data and pre-built dashboards will be refreshed on a nightly basis.

Who can access GoodData from Pardot?

All Pardot Admin and Marketing users will be created as GoodData users when you access your data for the first time under Reports > GoodData. Any other users must be issued invitations from the GoodData interface.

Note: Agency Access does not allow you to view GoodData reports in an account. To view GoodData reports, you must be a user in the account. 

What syncs with GoodData?

You can to use GoodData to report on your Pardot prospects, prospect activities, default prospect fields, tagsopportunities, and up to 10 custom prospect fields (see below for instructions for enabling them in Pardot). Visitor data (including Google Analytics parameters), the contents and subject of sent emails, and email link click activities are not currently available in GoodData for Pardot.

How do I sync Pardot custom fields with GoodData?

Up to 10 Pardot custom prospect fields can be made available in your GoodData for Pardot account.  Take the following steps to make a Pardot custom prospect field available in GoodData:

  1. Go to Administration > Prospect Fields
  2. Click the Actions icon next to the custom field you'd like to enable syncing with GoodData for and select Edit, or click the name of the custom field and then click the "Edit custom prospect field" link near the top of the page
  3. Check the option for "Sync with GoodData as a" and then select either Fact (Numeric Data) or Attribute (Text Data)
  4. Click the Save custom field button

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for a Pardot custom field to appear in GoodData.

Where do I go for GoodData Support?

Contact our Support Team if you have any questions about your Pardot data being sent to GoodData for reporting. For specific questions about GoodData itself, check out GoodData's help documentation.

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