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GoodData Syncing with Pardot Overview

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017 | Print this Article
GoodData is not compatible with Pardot accounts that allow multiple prospects with the same email address (AMPSEA).

Pardot Data that syncs to GoodData

Once you have setup the GoodData connector, this begins a process that can take up to 24 hours to complete. This triggers the process of syncing the information stored in your Pardot account, with GoodData. We bring across a large amount of the data stored in Pardot into GoodData, however not all of your Pardot data will appear in GoodData.

If you want to take advantage of this feature, contact Pardot Support to have it enabled for your account.

Note: After initial setup, GoodData syncs once a day. Any updates will show up after the next sync cycle. 

We CAN report using the following criteria

  • Prospect Activities
  • Default Prospect Fields (detailed below)
  • Opportunities
  • Tags
  • Up to 10 Custom Prospect Fields
  • Visits that are associated with Prospects.

We are NOT able to report using the following criteria

  • Lists
  • Assigned Users
  • Visitors

Prospect Default Fields

Below is a list of the fields that we are able to report on from the Prospect Records.
Address Employees Salutation
Annual Revenue Full Name  Years in Business
Campaign Grade Source
Company Industry State
Country  Is Archived Status
Department  Is Reviewed  Phone
Don't Call  Job Title Email
Don't Email  Opted Out Website

Timings of Activities/Opportunities

When we are reporting on Prospect Activities, Opportunities or the date that a Prospect was created, we can introduce the dimension of when these events occurred. The following table details all the intervals that we can use to report on these events.
Events        Time Period
Date Prospect Created Quarter Quarter/YearWeek (Mon-Sun) Week (Mon-Sun) of Qtr Week (Mon-Sun) / Year Week (Sun-Sat) Week (Sun-Sat) of Qtr Week (Sun-Sat) / Year Year Date Day of Month Day of Quarter Day of Week (Mon-Sun) Day of Week (Sun-Sat) Day of Year Month Month of Quarter Month / Year
Date Opportunity Created Date Opportunity Closed Date Opportunity associated with Prospect
Date Activity occurred at Date of Last Activity


We bring in a vast amount of data in relation to each individual Prospect's Activities. Below we have included a table that describes all the activity types, names and details that we include in our integration with GoodData.
Activity Name of each Activity e.g. Subject line of the sent Email, name of the Form etc
Activity Type Custom Redirect Email Email Tracker File Form Form Handler Landing Page Multivariate Landing Page New Opportunity Opportunity Lost Opportunity Won Visit
Activity ID (Unique Values for each Activity)
Activity Result Bounced Click Error New Opportunity Open Opportunity Associated Opportunity Lost Opportunity Won Resubscribed Sent Success Unsubscribe Page View Visit

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