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What to do with bad contacts and leads in SugarCRM

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2017 | Print this Article


In SugarCRM, you may manage bad leads and contacts by deleting them. Here’s what you should know about SugarCRM and Pardot so you can make the best decision.

Deleting a lead

In SugarCRM, you can remove a lead from your views by deleting it. When you delete a lead in SugarCRM, the lead record is permanently removed. Associated notes, attachments, and activities are deleted along with the lead. You will want to be sure that you will no longer need any lead data (that has not synced and stored in Pardot) as any related notes, attachments, and activities will also be lost. If a lead is deleted in SugarCRM, Pardot will stop syncing with the record and flag the record to not re-create it. Pardot will only begin syncing with the record again if a new record is made in SugarCRM with the same email address, or if the Pardot record is affected by an automation rule that has the action to "allow CRM deleted lead or contact to recreate from Pardot".

Using status

A common method of differentiating between qualified and unqualified leads is by setting their SugarCRM status as such. While Pardot syncs with the SugarCRM status field, it will not have any affect on syncing; this includes statuses of Dead, recycled or any other custom statuses.

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