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How do I contact Pardot Support?

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2015
If you cannot log in to your Pardot account, click here for more help.

Contacting Support

There are a few ways of contacting support based on your Pardot edition. All clients can contact support through the web form/portal by clicking the blue Contact Support button -- you can also see, update, close or reopen your existing requests. Click here for help. Clients with Pro and Ultimate editions can use in-app chat to contact support. Click here for help. Clients with Ultimate edition can get return-call phone support.
  Standard Pro Ultimate
Web form/Portal X X X
In-app chat   X X
Return-call phone     X
If you'd like to learn more about upgrading your support options, contact

Hours of Operation

Our support team is available Monday through Friday, between 9am GMT and 8pm EST. We're available through the Contact Support button on the right, and clients with chat support can log into Pardot and chat directly with a member of the support team.

Having Trouble Contacting Us?

Only current Pardot customers are able to log into the help portal. If you are not currently a Pardot customer, you should be! Contact our Sales team to learn more about Pardot (click "Contact Sales" here). Pardot customers are able to access the help portal via Single Sign On if they are currently logged into Pardot.
  • If you are not logged into Pardot and you click the Contact Support button, you will be directed to the Pardot login page. Enter your Pardot username and password, and you'll be redirected to the help portal.
  • If you are a Pardot customer, but do not have a Pardot-specific login (for example, you access Pardot through Single Sign On with Salesforce), simply log into Salesforce and navigate to a Pardot page before accessing the help portal.
  • If you are a new Pardot customer and don't yet have your login, talk to your Pardot Administrator or your Implementation contact.
If you are a current customer and are having trouble logging into Pardot, please see this article for more help.