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This page provides a deeper look at some of the most critical pieces of a successful Pardot implementation. Thoughtful consideration of these items will help expedite your project.

Who Should I Involve?

The following stakeholders may be involved in the implementation onboarding process:
Responsible Party Description of Involvement
Marketing Team Responsible for email creative, form/landing page look and feel, lead flow process, nurturing program design, PPC integration
Webmaster Responsible for placing JavaScript tracking code within the element of the webpage, implementing iframe code for Pardot forms
IT Admin Responsible for creation of CNAME records (e.g. for tracker domans, and implementing email authentication (DKIM and SPF)
Marketing Agency (if applicable) Responsible for overall strategy for online marketing and lead management/nurturing, and for creative for landing page and email assets
Sales Leadership Responsible for coordinating sales training, adoption of email plug-in, working with marketing to set lead assignment processes
CRM Admin (if applicable) Responsible for installing Pardot’s CRM application, setting up custom fields/layout, adding activities iframe

Technical Setup

Implement Tracking Code Pardot provides a General tracking code that is added to any page that you may want to monitor and any actions will be recorded for your analysis, much like any other popular web analytics tool. For more information, please see more information on Tracking Code. Custom Page Scoring Pardot provides a baseline scoring model that helps marketing and sales objectively identify the best leads based upon their activity. The default scoring can be customized but page specific customization can be easily done through Page Actions.
Page URL Custom Point Value
EX: (Pricing Page) +10
EX: (Careers Pages) -20
Create Tracker Domains Create a tracker domain for each domain you want to serve content from. Designate one as your primary tracker domain, which Pardot will use for your vanity URLS and link rewriting. See Setting up Tracker Domain for instructions. Your IT administrator may set this up. Examples of primary tracker domains:
NOTE: You can have one primary tracker domain per account, and primary tracker domains must be unique across all Pardot accounts.
Your Primary Tracker Domain:
Email Authentication Pardot allows you to send emails from your actual domain and adding email authentication significantly increases your email deliverability rate. Your IT administrator may set this up. In order to generate your unique authentication records, please identify any email domains you will be sending from. For example, if your email address is, enter "".
Your Email Sending Domain(s):
IP Whitelisting To avoid having test emails ending up trapped by your company spam filter, have your IT team add your company’s assigned Pardot IP address to their spam filter whitelist. Find out more about this here.

Email Templates, Forms, and Landing Pages

Forms and landing pages allow you to capture new leads by converting anonymous visitors into identified prospects. Prospects are also identified when they click on tracked links within Pardot emails. Learn more about how visitors are converted to prospects. Email Templates Pardot utilizes email templates as autoresponders, list emails and within drip marketing programs. Please identify the email templates that you currently have or that you would like to create using the email template builder. NOTE: HTML for emails must have in-line styling
Template HTML Available? Usage/Customizations? *
EX: Webinar Reminder Yes Webinar form autoresponder
* Usage/Customizations might include:
  • Use as an autoresponder for a form
  • Default "From:" address
  • Send from assigned user
  • Include variable tags
Forms Pardot provides hosted forms (built using a form builder) and form handlers (integrated with your existing website forms). What are the differences between using a Pardot form and form handler? Please identify forms that you will replace with Pardot hosted forms or integrate with Pardot form handlers.
Form Name / URL Location Hosted Form or Form Handler? Autoresponder Email? Notes/Other Actions?*
EX: Hosted Form Confirmation Email Notify Sales Rep, Add to Nurture List
* Other actions include:
  • Redirect to webpage
  • Show “Thank You” content
  • Send notification email
  • Assign to user, group, queue
  • Custom score adjustment
  • Add to / Remove from list
Landing Pages Pardot provides hosted landing pages that are easy to create with a drag-and-drop builder or using HTML. What are the differences between Pardot and non-Pardot landing pages? Please identify all landing pages that will be hosted in Pardot and will utilize Pardot forms.
Landing Page URL, HTML or Build In Pardot Pardot Form Notes/Other Actions?*
EX: Request Demo Request Demo Notify Sales Rep
* Other actions include:
  • Redirect to webpage
  • Show “Thank You” content
  • Send notification email
  • Assign to user, group, queue
  • Custom score adjustment
  • Add to / Remove from list
Email Unsubscribe & Email Preference Center Pages Create email unsubscribe and email preference center pages modeled after an existing page on your website (e.g., Contact Us or About Us page).
URL To Use As Page Styling Model:

Training Sessions

Pardot offers complimentary training for all current clients:
  • Instructor-led webinars for marketing and administrator users: Register Here
  • Learn more about Pardot by watching training videos and webinar recordings on our Pardot Training page

Import Existing Prospect Information

Prospects from another data system can be imported into Pardot via CSV file so that you can store, nurture, email, track, and report on them within the system.

CRM Integration

Pardot can integrate with Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SugarCRM. Review "Things to know before activating your CRM connector" here.
Your CRM System:
For other CRMs, you can write a custom integration using our API.

Salesforce® Engage Setup (Optional)

If you've purchased Salesforce Engage, learn how to implement the tool and empower your sales team to sell smarter and faster than ever before. See Salesforce® Engage Overview to get started. 

Hosted Content

Pardot is able to host high value pieces of content such as white papers and data sheets. When these hosted pieces of content are accessed, they will show up as specific actions in your prospects' activities, and automation rules can be run on those activities. Pardot can also host creative content that can be utilized in an email template or a landing page.
File Name File Type Notes/Other Actions?*
EX: Buyer's Guide PDF Notify Assign User
* Other actions can only apply for non-image type files. If you would prefer to host content on you own servers, you can use Custom Redirects to ensure the activity is still recorded within Pardot.


List Segmentation Pardot manages your lists, which allow you to send to or omit from a designated group of prospects for list emails or drip marketing. These lists can be imported from a CSV, populated dynamically or with automation rules. These lists can be public allowing list members to manage their subscriptions (e.g. newsletter list) or private lists for internal use only (e.g. suppression list). They can also be visible in the CRM so your users can add or remove prospects from Pardot lists without leaving the CRM.
List Name List Use(s) Public/Private? How is list populated?
EX: Newsletter Monthly List Emails Public Newsletter Signup Form
Lead Assignment Pardot allows you to automatically assign leads to a specific user, a group via round robin, or a Salesforce queue. Once the prospect has been assigned, it will create a new lead record in the CRM (if applicable) for records that do not already exist in the CRM. What factors make a good lead for your sales team? Who should they be assigned to and when? Outline your lead assignment strategy:
Criteria / Trigger* Assign to User/Group/Queue?
EX: Score of 100, located in AL;GA;FL;NC;SC; Group: Southeastern Territory
* Examples of Criteria/Triggers:
  • Achieving certain score through website activity
  • Achieving certain grade (profile is a “good fit”)
  • Form completion (sign up for content/demo or request for info)
  • Search for specific term
  • Job title / department
  • Company size / industry
  • Location

Paid Search Integration

Pardot integrates with your Google AdWords account to synchronize AdWords’ data with individual Pardot prospects. Pardot can then link opportunity data to these prospects and give you a comprehensive Paid Search ROI report.
AdWords Account Number:
AdWords Email Address:

Site Search (Optional)

Nothing shows a prospect’s intent like their searches on your website. Please visit our Knowledge Base article in regards to integrating a third-party site search with Pardot.

Enable Other Third-Party Connectors (Optional)

Connector Category Connector Name
Webinar GoToWebinar ReadyTalk WebEx
Social Posting Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
Other Eventbrite GoodData Google Analytics Olark Twilio UserVoice Wistia

Success Resources

Resource Location
Knowledge Base Visit or click Help in the application for our Knowledge Base documentation, FAQs, videos, and more.
Blog Visit to subscribe to our Blog where we post tips, links, and tools for Pardot users and B2B marketers.
IdeaExchange Visit to post requests for new features or enhancements on the Success Community IdeaExchange. You can also vote or comment on ideas from other users and see which suggestions we've already implemented. Note: requires a Salesforce login. If you don't use Salesforce CRM, you can sign up for a free Salesforce Developer account.
Success Community Visit the Pardot B2B Marketing Automation Success Community to discuss best practices, tips, events, and more with other users. Note: requires a Salesforce login. If you don't use Salesforce CRM, you can sign up for a free Salesforce Developer account.
Free Training Visit to view Pardot webinars, training videos, e-learning modules, and more.

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