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Campaigns Overview

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Pardot's various marketing elements can be associated with a campaign. Pardot campaigns can be used for reporting. Pardot campaigns are typically thematic touchpoints (similar to "source" in other system). They track the first touch that a prospect has with your online marketing materials.

Note: Pardot campaigns are different than lists.  Please see the article on lists for more detail.

How do I create campaigns?

You can easily create campaigns by following the directions in this article.

How are prospects associated with a Campaign?

You have the option of associating a prospects to a specific campaign. The Pardot campaign is the first piece of marketing collateral, which the prospect interacted with ( Google Ad, banner, webpage, and so on). There are ways to overwrite or alter campaigns. For more information, see How are prospects associated with campaigns.

Campaign vs. Source

When should you use Pardot Campaigns and when should you use Pardot Source? For more information, see Using lead source or Pardot campaign: when to use which.

Campaign vs. List

When is it useful to create a Pardot campaign and when should you create a Pardot list? For more information, see Pardot campaigns vs. Pardot List

Campaign Reports

There are two types of campaign reports: basic summary and campaign cohort report.

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