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Using Preformatted Email Templates

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2015 | Print this Article
Pre-formatted email templates allow you to create sleek, versatile email layouts without designing from scratch. Pardot now includes 3 pages of pre-formatted email templates ideal for monthly newsletters, mobile messages, and traditional one-to-one emails. For a pre-formatted template dimension reference, click here.


  1. Navigate to Marketing > Emails > New Email Template.
  2. Enter a Name, select a Campaign, and select a Folder. 
  3. Optional: add Tags to the template.
  4. Set the Email Type to HTML and Text.
  5. Next to Template, mark Start from a layout.
  6. Find and update or delete any links in the email template, e.g. edit 'follow on Twitter' or 'friend on Facebook' and replace the # with your company's social media URL.
  7. Customize your styling. Click on the style button in the Email Editor to change Text Color, Link Color, Link Underline, Font, Font-Size, or Line Height for any block of text content.
  8. Customize your content. Double click on any place-holder images and use the Insert/edit image tool to upload an image with the same width and height specifications as the placeholder. Delete the pre-formatted template's default text and replace it with your own content.
  9. Create a text version.
  10. Create a sender, test, and confirm & save your email template.


  • Pardot's pre-formatted templates are designed to be compatible with most email clients, including Outlook
  • If you customize or edit the size of any table cell in a pre-formatted template, you will need to edit all table height and width specifications accordingly
  •  If the email template includes a link to a variable tag, e.g. %%account_address%%, you can leave the link as is - Pardot will populate the link when you send your email
  • When setting font styling, you can achieve double-spacing by setting your line height to twice the size of your selected font

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