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Getting Started: Prepare

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Insight into the overall strategy on how to deploy Pardot that can be utilized prior to gaining access to your Pardot account.  

Implementation Guide

Implementation Guide: A deeper look at some of the most critical pieces of a successful Pardot implementation. Thoughtful consideration of these items will help expedite your project.

Implementation Guide   

Goals & Planning

Marketing Automation Success Plan for SMBs: A well-laid strategy is the best place to start any marketing initiative, and we’ve put together the resources to get you started.

Marketing Automation Success Plan for SMBs Template 

Self-Assessment: 21 questions designed to help guide you through a self-assessment to define your goals.

Marketing Automation 101: Self-Assessment

Define Your Goals: Define what you hope to achieve with marketing automation and how you plan to manage your platform.

Marketing Automation 101: Goals and Planning Worksheet
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