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Getting Started: Engage

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Learn how to engage your end users, measure success, and where to go for more information on Pardot.

Salesforce® Engage

Salesforce® Engage Training Resources: Introduce your team to Salesforce® Engage and train them on how to get the most out of it.

Article: Salesforce® Engage Training Resources 

Salesforce® Engage Documentation: Learn how to configure and use Salesforce® Engage.

Article: Salesforce® Engage Overview 


Sales Training: Introduce your sales team to Pardot and train them on how Pardot integrates with their daily processes.

Article: Training Your Sales Team

Powerpoint: Sales Training

eLearning Module: Sales Training

Whitepaper: 6 Keys to Marketing & Sales Alignment 

Best Practices: These materials that outline best practices Sales should follow to make the best use of Pardot.

Blog: Tip Sheet

Whitepaper: 25 Marketing Automation Tips Straight from Sales 

Salesforce One-to-One Emails: Your sales reps can send one-to-one marketing approved HTML emails from within Salesforce. These emails will be sent from the Pardot mail servers and Pardot tracks the email send, open, link clicks, and possible bounces.

Article: Sending One-to-One Emails in Salesforce 


Reporting Overview: Reporting is right at your fingertips within Pardot! Learn about different reports within Pardot, including form and landing page reporting, email reports, campaign reports, and more.

eLearning Module: Reporting

Article: Closed Loop ROI Reporting 

ROI: Accurate ROI and reporting are more necessary than ever as marketing departments are required to move faster, understand performance more fully, and budget with more accountability.

Lab: ROI Reporting

Lab: ROI Calculator

Whitepaper: ROI of Marketing Automation

Article: Best Practices -- Pardot & Salesforce Campaign ROI 

Lifecycle Reporting: The Lifecycle Reports offer the ability to see a high level view of your sales cycle’s health as well as insight into a specific prospect’s journey through the lead nurturing cycle.

Article: Prospect Lifecycle Report

Article: Individual Prospect Lifecycle Report

Ongoing Training / Resources

Salesforce Success Community: Salesforce Users can log into Salesforce and access Help & Training. Within the Training Catalog, search for the term 'Pardot' to complete our interactive training modules for both Administrative and Marketing Pardot Users.

Go to Salesforce Success Community

Pardot Training: Pardot provides complimentary webinars and/or online courses on a wide range of product features, functionality, and best practices to allow you to get the most out of your marketing automation experience. Training Resource: Pardot Training Webinars and Online Courses

Live Training Webinars: Watch training videos, webinar recordings or sign up for live webinars that will cover a range of specific topics.

Training Resource: Live Trainings

Training Resource: Training Webinars and Online Courses

Training Resource: Best Practices Webinar Library 

Knowledge Base: Pardot documentation, FAQs, videos and more.

Go to the Knowledge Base 

Idea Exchange: Post requests for new features or enhancements on our Idea Exchange. You can also vote or comment on ideas from other users and see which suggestions we've already implemented.

Go to the Idea Exchange 

New Features: Stay updated on the latest and greatest new features and enhancements.

Go to New Features

Success Community: Join our Success Community to collaborate and engage with other Pardot users.

Go to the Success Community 

Blog:  Great resource to find tips, links and tools for Pardot users and B2B marketers.

Subscribe to the Blog 

API and Technical Documentation: This site houses our API documentation.

View the API Documentation

Events: Stay up-to-date on any upcoming Pardot events

View Pardot Events

Pardot Perspective: Subscribe to the Pardot Perspective to stay up to date on the latest industry trends, best practices, expert advice, and more

Subscribe to Perspective 


Grant Support Access: If you’d like a Pardot team member to view or assist with a question related to your data, you must explicitly grant Pardot account access to that specific team for a designated period of time.

Article: Grant Support Access to Account 

Support Tickets: Create a support ticket if you have a product or technical question, or you think you’re encountering a bug.

Submit a Ticket from the Knowledge Base 

Client Advocates: Contact the Client Advocate team for any feedback or strategic questions at 

Billing: Looking for assistance with invoicing, credit card payments, or receipt requests? Email or call 1 800 NO SOFTWARE (415-901-8457). Please provide your contract number, account name, and invoice number. 
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