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Drip Program Template for Upsells

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
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When creating an upsell drip program, it is best to keep some key elements in mind and consider the following items as you design your campaign.

Purpose: The upsell drip is designed to capitalize on the revenue waiting in the pool of your existing clients. By providing your existing clients with information and incentives to expand the list of products they are using, you can drive more revenue with little effort.

Benefits: This drip program allows a salesperson to maximize their existing client's product usage and lock in demo times for upselling to clients. When a client shows interest in an existing product line, their assigned sales rep is notified, allowing the sales rep to follow up on the opportunity in real time.

Time: An email in this sample program is sent every 10-15 days. Since the target list includes current clients, this timing is less aggressive and focuses on educating clients about upsell opportunities over a longer period of time. The timing also depends on a prospect’s interest level, the typical length of the sales cycle, budget/ fiscal calendar, and the industry itself.

Content: Sending educational and research-based pieces of content establishes the sales rep and the company as a trusted and reputable resource and also explains the value of a new or existing unutilized product without being overly aggressive. Tip: Make sure to add the personalized variable tags so that the email will address a prospect by their first name, mention their company, and have the assigned sales rep’s specific contact information included in the salutation. For step-by-step instructions on creating a drip program, see Drip Programs.

For more tips and tricks for effective email campaigns, see Email Marketing Best Practices. Click the image below to see an example of an upsell drip program in Pardot. The image will open in a new window. drip campaign for upsells

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