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Form and Landing Page WYSIWYG Icon Glossary

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One of the Pardot WYSIWYG editors is used for adding content to forms, landing pages and User HTML signatures. This WYSIWYG editor is found on Step 3 (Look and Feel) of the Form wizard, on Step 4 (Landing Page Content) of the Landing Page wizard or when editing a user's profile and adding an HTML signature. We have a separate WYSIWYG editor for our emails. There are many design options in our WYSIWYG editor: Landing Page WYSIWYG   Here is a list of what these buttons can do for you:
Icon Function
Bold Bold
Italic Italic
Underline Underline
Strikethrough Strikethrough
subscript Subscript
supercript Superscript
Remove Format Remove Formatting
Ordered List Create an ordered list
Unordered List Create an un-ordered list
Indent Decrease/Increase Indent
blockquote Blockquote
JustifiedCenter Aligns Text Left, Center, Right or Full
Hyperlink Insert/Edit Hyperlink -- Inserts a link into your content, or inserts a link hidden behind text or inserts a link with your variable tags (%%view_online%% and %%unsubscribe%%)
Unlink Unlink -- Remove a link from your email
Anchor Anchor--Create a link in the email that will jump the reader to where the anchor is located. Insert the anchor at the beginning of an article or section and name it. At the top of the email or in the email's menu section, create a new link with the Insert/Edit link icon. For link type select "Anchor" and for URL, select the name of the anchor.
Image Insert/Edit Image--Insert an image hosted externally, hosted by Pardot, or upload an image into Pardot and insert into your email (upload tab). Also adjust the size and alignment of your image (under the appearance tab)
insertmedia Embed Media Content From Various Sites--Insert media from a URL.
Table Create HTML Table
Horizontal Line Insert Horizontal Line
Special Character Insert Special Character
AddThis AddThis--Social Media sharing platform: Prospects that click on these links can share the content of your email through their own social media accounts.
Dynamic Content Dynamic Content--Add dynamic content to an email
Source Source--Shows you the source code for the content.
Undo Undo
redo Redo
Plain Text Paste as Plain Text
additional formatting options Additional Formatting Options
Text Color Select font color
Background Color Select background color
Font Font family
Styles Styles
Font Size Font size
Paragraph Format Paragraph Format

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