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Can Pardot guarantee email deliverability?

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017 | Print this Article

One of the most common questions we get as an email service provider is “Can you guarantee that our email deliverability will be high, and what numbers can you provide to support this?”

The answer is no, Pardot can't guarantee good email deliverability -- but you can.  No email service provider can guarantee your deliverability rates because your deliverability is dependent on your email practices and behavior.

What you can do

You can technically obtain 100% delivery if you follow these guidelines:

  • You've set up appropriate email authentication. See Adding SPF and DomainKeys to Your DNS for full details.
  • Your email lists are built using a confirmed opt-in process.
  • You do not use purchased data without obtaining permission prior to sending mail through Pardot. See our List Compliance FAQ for more.
  • Your email content is spam filter-safe. This article can help you avoid spam filters.
  • You choose an email service provider that monitors accounts for misuse and promptly handles senders that create situations that could harm the sending reputation of other accounts.

What Pardot can do

Pardot's Email Reputation Team is aggressive about permission-based marketing because we care about our reputation as an email service provider and your reputation as an email sender. We monitor for high bounce rates (over 10%) and high spam complaint rates (over 0.1%), as those are the best indicators of potential reputation damage.

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