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Preventing Prospects from Syncing with Salesforce

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There are few different ways to keep prospects from syncing with Salesforce. If you'd like to know more about syncing prospects, see this article.

See Reenabling Prospect CRM Syncing if you'd like to reenable syncing.

Don't Assign Prospect in Pardot

Unassigned prospects will not sync to Salesforce unless there is an existing record in Salesforce with the same email address. To keep Pardot prospects from syncing, do not assign them to users. If you want to assign a prospect, disable CRM syncing and then assign the prospect.

Disable CRM Syncing

If you have prospect in Pardot, and a record exists in Salesforce with a matching email address, the records will sync unless you disable CRM syncing.

To disable CRM syncing for a single prospect, simply navigate to the prospect's record and click Disable CRM Syncing. This will set the prospects CRM Lead or Contact ID to [[crm_ignore_prospect]], and add a gray exclamation icon to the prospect record. To undo this, click Enable CRM Syncing. This video shows how to disable CRM syncing for a prospect. Click here to expand the video.

Automation Rules

If you want to keep several prospects from syncing with the CRM, you can use a set of two automation rules to mark prospect Do not Sync and then assign them to users. How you set these rules up will depend on your organization, but you will need to have two separate rules: one that uses the Do not Sync with CRM action, and one that uses the Assign Prospect to User action.  Below is an example of how you could set up two rules to keep your prospects from syncing to the CRM and then assign them to a user.  Rule 1 Rules: Prospect Assignment Status | is not assigned  Actions:

  • Do not sync with CRM
  • Apply tags | enter a tag
Assign to User Sync rule one

Rule 2 Rules: Prospect tag | is | your tag Actions: Assign prospect to user | correct user Rule 2

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