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Opportunities Reporting

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The Opportunities Report (under Reports > Opportunities) provides reporting on opportunities that have synced down from Salesforce or SugarCRM or were manually created or imported by a user. Statistics include the created date and time, value, probability %, stage, and status. For more information, see our Opportunities in Pardot and Import Opportunities articles.

Metrics Captured

Metric Definition
Name The name of the opportunity (synced from Salesforce or SugarCRM or entered manually by a user).
Campaign The marketing initiative that the ROI will be attributed to if the deal is won. For opportunities synced from Salesforce or SugarCRM, the campaign is set automatically to the campaign of the first prospect associated with that opportunity. For opportunities created by a user (manually or via import), the campaign is selected by the user.
Created The date and time the opportunity was created (can be back-dated for opportunities that are created manually).
Value The monetary amount associated with the opportunity if it becomes a sale.
Probability % The percentage of probability that the deal will be won. Your sales team may have pre-defined percentages for different stages of the deal.
Stage The stage indicates the last activity that occurred with the opportunity. For example, "Proposal Sent", "Closed Won", or "Deal Dead" could be used.
Type The type provides more information about the deal and what is being purchased. For example, "New Business" or "Upgrade" could be used.
Status The status of the opportunity - Open, Won, or Lost.

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