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Why does my CRM report not match my Pardot Report?

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There are a few reasons why your CRM report may not align exactly with your Pardot lists and reports. We've compiled the most common reasons here.

Records don't exist in both systems

There are a few reasons that records might not exist in both systems. One reason is that the prospect has not been assigned in Pardot, and therefore the lead was not created in Salesforce. In this case, the lead wouldn't appear on Salesforce reports.

This can also happen in the reverse -- the lead could be created in Salesforce before the AppExchange package was installed, or created in Salesforce without an email address. Both of these scenarios would prevent it from syncing with Pardot.

Connector errors

Sometimes prospects cannot sync because of connector errors that need to be resolved. Check your CRM sync error queue by navigating to Admin > Connectors > click the gear icon next to your connector > Sync Errors.

Connector user cannot see all leads/contacts

Sometimes your Salesforce user settings will prevent a user from "seeing" all the leads and contacts from Salesforce. If the connector user's settings don't allow the user to view leads and contact in Salesforce, you may have some discrepancies between your Pardot and Salesforce reports. You can edit these settings in Salesforce. This article will help get you started.

Report filters don't match

If your report/list filter criteria don't exactly match in Salesforce and Pardot, they may display different results. This is common when comparing Pardot's dynamic lists or lists created using Segmentation Rules to a Salesforce report. You can get help with Salesforce report filtering here.

Records haven't synced yet

In some cases, your Pardot and Salesforce records may not have synced yet, and this can cause a discrepancy in your reports. See this article for information on what does and doesn't trigger a sync.

Duplicate leads/contacts in the CRM

Duplicate leads or contact in the CRM can also cause reporting discrepancies. CRMs sometimes let you create multiple lead/contact records with the same email address. If your account uses a prospect's email address as unique identifier, Pardot doesn't allow multiple prospects tied to one email address. For example, in Salesforce, if you run a report to find all contacts/leads with an email at the domain, and you have multiple records, your Salesforce report will yield more entries than the Pardot report.
This does not apply if your Pardot account allows multiple prospects with the same email. In this case, Pardot will use the CRM ID as the unique identifier and can sync all records that have that email.

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