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Using Custom Scoring Rules

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2016 | Print this Article

Pardot provides a default scoring system for online activities such as clicks, visits, form submissions and more. While we find that most of our clients will be fine with the baseline scoring rules, we realize that not all businesses are the same and have provided custom scoring rules.


  1. Navigate to Admin > Automation Settings > Scoring Rules.
  2. Your current scoring rules will be listed. Click Edit Scoring Rules to change any of the rules. Note: When editing the Email Open score, you will see the option to "Adjust score on the very first email open only." This score adjustment will only be reflected in a prospect's score if you select a value other than zero for the Email Open activity.
  3. After adding a rule, the approximate (may change as prospects have activities while you are still setting rules) number of prospects affected will be displayed.
  4. Click Save changes to save the rules and have them start running on your prospects.
Edit Scoring Rules


  • Changing scoring rules is retroactive (all of your prospects will be rescored). This will result in all of your prospects resyncing with the CRM and could affect score-based automation rules.
  • Rescoring all of your prospects will happen in the background and will take time to finish. You will receive an email notification upon completion.
  • Be aware that changing scoring rules such that they increase prospect scores may trigger automation rules that have scoring conditions.
  • Keep in mind that if you reset your prospects' scores to zero using an automation rule and in the future you modify your baseline scoring rules, your prospects will be retroactively rescored and their scores may increase or decrease from zero. If you plan to make any changes to your baseline scoring model (in Admin > Scoring Rules), do so before running a reset automation rule. This is because the baseline scoring rules will recalculate any past points awarded from prospect activities, but the total points subtracted by the automation rule will remain constant. If you need those prospects to retain a score of zero, you'll need to make a copy of your original automation rule and re-execute it in order to reset those prospects to zero once again.

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