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Best Practices: Tags

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
Tags are similar to folders. Tags help with sorting, organizing, reporting, searching, and more. This article goes over a few use cases for Pardot tags.

Organize Your Content By Campaign

Did you recently launch a webinar campaign and you want to know which forms, landing pages, email templates, lists, and segmentation or automation rules you used? Tag all the items associated with a campaign and then easily find them (and copy them) later.

Organize Your Content By Type

You can upload files into Pardot, which makes it easier to create new marketing materials or further track your prospects. Apply tags like “image,” “logo,” “white paper,” and “data sheet” to categorize the files. You can also do this with emails (newsletter, autoresponder, nurturing) or forms (kiosk-mode/tradeshow, on website, paid search conversion). Tagging the files will make it easier to find them and report on specific items.

Sort Your Prospects

Create custom criteria for your prospects and tag the ones that fit. This will allow you to easily pull the tagged prospects for review or reporting. For example, you can tag prospects as “Sales Ready” when their score is over 100 and they have attended at least one webinar. You can add tags through completion actions, segmentation rules or automation rules. You can automate the tagging process or do it manually if you would like more granular control of the tag.

Omit Clients (Or Partners Or Unqualified Prospects) From Daily Prospect Emails

You have the option to exclude prospects with specified tags from the Daily Email Alerts. To tag prospects: Navigate to Administration > User Management > Users > click the gear icon next to the user > Edit Preferences. Tag your clients, partners, unqualified prospects or other “noise” then omit them from these daily reports. Your sales team will be able to more easily focus on the best leads and love you for it. Hint: Set up this automation rule to tag clients: Rule -- Prospect Opportunity Status :: Closed Won Action -- Apply Tags :: client

Track Campaign Touch Points

You can use tags to view key campaigns in which your prospects are most engaged. Apply a tag when a prospect has been a part of some of your most meaningful campaigns like registering via kiosk-mode form at your trade show booth or downloading a Buyer’s Guide. Now, you can see those meaningful engagements in a glance, track a prospect’s path towards being sales-ready and pull out the prospects with those tell-tale actions.

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