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Scoring Model Example

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Scoring allows you to add weight to certain actions prospects take while interacting with your website so you can tell how interested they are in your company. With scoring set, you can more easily cull through your prospects to find the ones that are the most "sales ready". Let's say you want to qualify a prospect as being "sales ready" if they have a Score above 100 points. In this example, the prospect would receive the points if they download a white paper three times. To determine the Score, you will first append a certain amount of points to the white paper. You would do this for each white paper you want to give weight to. This can easily be done by setting the Score when adding the white paper file under the Completion Actions like so: You can use the same method if you want to adjust the score for a form or form handler completion by adjusting the form's completion action. Note: When adjusting the Score via Completion Action (to a file, form, landing page, etc.), you are adding additional points beyond the default scoring. Default scoring for different activities can be found under Admin > Automation Settings > Scoring Rules. Now that we have our white paper uploaded with points added to it, we can see that after our prospect has first filled out the form, he downloaded the white paper: First Score - Wile E If we click on the "34" in the Score field, we can see the total breakdown: Score Breakdown The Form Submission itself garnered 0 points, but the File Download Completion Action gave our prospect 34 points. He is now a little bit more than 1/3 of the way for being "sales ready" So now, downloading three white papers will put his overall Score above 100 points, letting you know they are "sales ready". We can see this here: Final Score - Wile E. We can see the three file downloads (at 34 points a pop) in the Score Breakdown: Final Score Breakdown You can use the Score to automate other actions. For example, you can set up an Automation Rule to notify your Sales Team whenever a prospect's Score exceeds 100 points or you could add this prospect to a Dynamic List based off of a Score over 100 points. For more information on Scoring, see our article on Scoring Best Practices.

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