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Profiles Overview

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Profiles are used to grade your prospects based on your ideal customer profile. You can set criteria such as location, company size, job title, and other factors that you will use to tier your prospects before assignment. Pardot starts you with a default profile but you may edit its criteria or create any additional profiles that meet your business needs.

You may also use multiple profiles if you target several different audiences. For example, you may have different grading criteria for your technical prospects and your executive prospects. Pardot has several options for setting your prospect profiles:

  • You can change a prospect's profile manually by editing a prospect and selecting a profile from the profile field's drop down menu.
  • You can use the set profile completion action on your forms and form handlers to set a prospect's profile to one that you specify.
  • You can change a prospect's profile by creating an automation rule that is triggered by a particular event. This event could be entering a specific job title or department on a form, being added to a particular list, etc.
  • You can set a prospect's profile by including Javascript in the tracking code on a particular page. To do this, you would click on the name of your Profile in Pardot, click the link to "View Javascript code" and then include that code on your page above the piTracker() function. This will only set the profile for a visitor that is not already associated with another profile. Once they convert to a prospect, they'll be tagged with the profile from this Javascript.
  • Editing profile criteria will cause all prospects affected by that criteria to be regraded.
  • You cannot rename or delete the Default profile.
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