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Integrating Google Site Search

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2017 | Print this Article
Pardot can integrate with Google Site Search and provide reporting on queries. Nothing shows a prospect's intent like his searches on your website. If someone clicks around and finds their way to your pricing information, that is valuable to know, but if the prospect types in 'pricing' as his exact search term, that is an even better buying signal.

There are three parts to integrating Google Site Search with Pardot on your site. You'll need to create the search engine, configure a site search in Pardot, then add the code to your website. In this article, we will walk you through getting your custom search set up and running.

Note: Pardot integrates with Google Site Search (the paid version). Visit Google's documentation about the difference between Google Site Search and Custom Search Engine to learn more.
Note: It's a good idea to get your IT folks involved with this — you'll need access to your organization's Google Custom Search Control Panel and your website's HTML in order to integrate Google Site Search.

Creating the search engine

  1. In Google's Custom Search Engine Control Panel, create your Google search engine. Be sure to choose the appropriate search box layout at this stage. You can find a great tutorial for creating search engines here.
  2. Copy your search engine's public URL.

Adding a site search in Pardot

  1. In Pardot, navigate to Marketing > Site Search > + Add Site Search.
  2. Enter a Name for this search.
  3. Optional: Enter Tags.
  4. Click Next.
  5. In Redirect URL, paste the google public URL for your search engine.
  6. Select GET from the Submit Method dropdown.
  7. Enter your search variable in Search Query Variable. Note: this variable must match the search variable in your Google site search code. Using q is very common.
  8. Click Next.
  9. When finished reviewing your site search, click Next.
  10. Copy the Post URL (you'll need this if you're using a search box layout that displays results on another page or frame).
  11. Click Confirm & Save when finished.

Adding the search box to your site

  1. In your Custom Search Engine Dashboard get the code for your search engine. You can find help with this here.
  2. On your website, paste the code into a <div> element inside of your <body> section. It will look something like this (depending on the layout you choose):
IMPORTANT: If you choose a search box layout that includes <gcse:searchbox-only> tags at the end of the code, you will need to paste resultsUrl="PARDOT_POST_URL"in the opening tag. It should look like this:
<gcse:searchbox-only resultsUrl="YOUR_PARDOT_POST_URL"></gcse:searchbox-only>
Your site search is now set up! Pardot can report queries, the prospect or visitor that made them, along with a date and timestamp.
If you need more help setting up your Google Site Search, please see these Google resources:
Custom Search -- Implementing search box
Custom Search Help Center

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