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Copying Salesforce Account Fields to Contact Fields

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
Pardot syncs directly with Salesforce field information on the Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity objects. Occasionally you may have information on the Account level that you might want to push down to individual records (contacts). Following are the instructions on how to take field values from the Account level and copy them down into the Contact level for Pardot syncing capabilities:
  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup > Customize > Contacts > Fields.
  2. Create new custom field
  3. In Step 1 select Data Type: Formula and click Next.
  4. In Step 2 select Field Label and Name and Formula Return Type and click Next.
  5. In Step 3 click the Advanced Formula tab.
  6. Click Insert Field.
  7. Navigate Contact > Account > [select field you want to be pulled in]  and click Insert.
  8. Click Check Syntax to check for errors.
  9. For Picklist fields you will need to use the TEXT function. For example, the picklist field of Account.CRM_System__c would need to have the formula of TEXT(Account.CRM_System__c)
  10. Click Next.
  11. In Step 4, set your field-level security and click Next.
  12. In Step 5, unmark Add Field next to Contact Layout.
  13. When finished, click Save. 
PLEASE NOTE: Updating this field will not trigger a sync in Pardot for the prospect record.  If you update the account field, it is not an actual update of the contact record (last updated date will not change), but a "copy" of what is on the account level. Account updates will sync down to Pardot as part of a separate process. This short video walks through the steps listed above. Click here to expand the video.

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