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Olark Connector Overview

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Olark is a web site chat service that you can use for sales and support of your products and services. The chat widget can be loaded on any HTML page through the Olark's javascript code. Pardot's integration allows you to create prospects from your Olark chats, view chat activities in prospect records, and score prospects' chats to aid in lead qualification.

How Pardot Integrates with Olark

Linking to the Visitor

When a customer goes to a page with a chat client, you will receive a link to Pardot with that Visitor. You can use this page to quickly go to the prospect as well. If there is no prospect record for the visitor and the chat conversation is meaningful, you may want to click to the visitor page to assign / create a prospect after getting an email address and other valuable information.


Visitor Activity Logging

If a customer sends messages to your support representative, Pardot will log the activity as a visitor activity. This allows you to see how a chat session may have affected your marketing efforts. The visitor activity also has a direct link to the Olark transcript.

Olark Activity Logging

Creating Prospects

When you set up the connector, you have the option to create prospects from the pre-chat Olark survey. This allows you to create a prospect directly from the email address and name information you collect before a chat. In order to create prospects from pre-chat survey, either the operator or the chatter must send a message.

To take advantage of this feature, first enable the Olark pre-chat survey (in your Olark account, go to Customize > Behavior and Text > Visitor Information).

Installing Olark

On Your Web Pages

If you already have Olark installed on your web page, then you will simply need to tell Pardot that you have an account (see Setting Up Your Connector for more details).

On Pardot Landing Pages

You can add Olark code to your landing pages through layout templates. Simply paste the code provide by Olark before the </body> tag in your layout template.

Setting Up Your Connector
  1. Navigate to Admin > Connectors > Create New Connector > Olark.
  2. Enter in your Olark ID (as seen on your Olark install page).
  3. Optionally enable Make Prospects From the Pre-Chat Survey if you want prospects that submit their email addresses through the pre-chat survey to be automatically created as prospects in Pardot. If you enable this feature, you will also need to select a Campaign for the chat activities for these prospects. Note that this campaign will not be set for the prospects since they should already have a campaign set from their first touch (from the tracking code on your site, a paid or natural search, etc.).
  4. Click Save Connector.

You're Done! Any pages that are tracked by Pardot and have the Olark chat window will be integrated.

Olark Connector


Your sales and support teams can be logged into Olark through any Jabber / XMPP chat client (ie. Pidgin, Adium) and when you have a visitor, they will receive a message with the visitor’s current page, current session information, connection location, and a link to their Pardot Visitor.

Please contact Olark for more details if you are having trouble installing and using Olark.


Under Reports > Olark you can view all prospects in your Pardot database who have chatted with your company via the Olark chat solution. The table displays all prospects with a chat activity including the day and time of their last chat.

Olark Report

When you click on a prospect's name and drill into their record, you can see in their Activity table the "Chat Transcript" activity next to the Olark image. Click on the "Chat Transcript" to jump to your Olark account and view the prospect's chat transcript.

Olark Activity

Note: Messages submitted through an Olark offline form will not be recorded as a chat in Pardot.

Release History

  • November 2012 -- 1.2 - Improvements to how we get the visitor ID to make it more reliable; cleaned up JavaScript code to make it less intrusive; prospect creation through pre-chat survey (yes!).
  • August 2011 -- 1.0 - Initial release. Hooray!

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