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Using Pre-defined Values in Custom Fields

Last Updated: May 03, 2016 | Print this Article

When you create certain types (checkboxes, radio buttons, drop downs, and multi-select) of custom fields, you can re-label them and use pre-defined values to add prospects to a list and set their profile when they select certain values. For example, if you have a dropdown with the values "A" and "B", you can add prospects who choose A to List A and , and add prospects who choose B to List B.

Add to list on values

Creating the Custom Field

  1. Create a custom field.
  2. Mark Use pre-defined values (for checkboxes, radio buttons, drop downs, and multi-select)
  3. In Values, use the + to add values. Use the trashcan icon to remove them.
  4. Enter a value in the box.
  5. To the right of each value, click the icons to access the advanced settings:
    • The A icon lets you re-label the value. The prospect will see your label, but the original value will be recorded on their record.
    • The Grid icon lets you choose a profile to apply to the prospect.
    • The List icon lets you add the prospect to a list.
  6. When finished making changes, click Save custom field.

In this example, we create a dropdown custom field with the values A and B. A is labeled "I like cats", sets the profile to Higher Ed, and adds the prospects to A List. B is labeled "I like dogs", sets the profile to Default, and adds the prospect to B List.

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Using the Predefined Values in Forms

To use your custom field's pre-defined values in forms, edit your field in the form, and click Load Default Data on the Basic tab. Once you do this, your pre-defined values will be available in your form. 


  • Editing custom fields to apply profiles or add prospects to a list is not retroactive, and will only apply to prospects who fill out the form going forward.

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