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How do default Pardot fields map to Microsoft Dynamics fields?

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The following field mappings for individual records (prospects and leads/contacts) and accounts are not set up automatically when you verify your Microsoft Dynamics connector.  Detailed instructions for  Syncing custom fields with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Prepending Microsoft Dynamics CRM field with "Pi,"  are provided for setup of Microsoft Dynamics/Pardot field mappings. By default, Microsoft Dynamics will be the master for all of these fields except for the proprietary Pardot fields (score, grade, Pardot campaign, etc.), referrer fields, and Google Analytics fields during field creation. However, you can choose to make Pardot the master for most other fields and change most of the default mappings if you'd like (exclusions are indicated below).  Please see our Default Fields article for more information.

Default Prospect Field Mapping

Pardot Default Field Microsoft Dynamics Lead/Contact Field
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Email¹ Email
Company Company Name (Leads)
Campaign¹ Pardot Campaign
Score¹ Pardot Score
Grade¹ Pardot Grade
Assigned User¹ Owner
Notes¹ Pardot Notes
Recent Interaction --
First Activity (from Prospect Activities section)¹ Pardot First Activity
Last Activity (from Prospect Activities section)¹ Pardot Last Activity
Website Web site
Job Title Job Title
Department Department
Country Country/Region
Address One Street 1
Address Two Street 2
City City
State State/Province
Territory --
Zip Zip/Postal Code
Phone Business Phone
Fax Fax
Source Lead Source (must be option in dropdown in Dynamics)
Annual Revenue Annual Revenue (Leads)
Employees No. of Employees (Leads)
Industry Industry (Leads only and must be option in dropdown in Dynamics)
Do Not Email² Do Not Allow Bulk E-mails
Do Not Call Do Not Allow Phone Calls
Years in Business --
Comments¹ Pardot Comments
Salutation Salutation
Prospect Opted Out¹ ² Do Not Allow Bulk E-mails
Created At¹ Pardot Created Date
Prospect Referrer¹ Pardot First Referrer
Prospect Referrer Query¹ Pardot First Referrer Query
Prospect Referrer Type¹ Pardot First Referrer Type
Google Analytics Campaign¹ ³ Pardot Google Campaign
Google Analytics Medium¹ ³ Pardot Google Medium
Google Analytics Source¹ ³ Pardot Google Source
Google Analytics Content¹ ³ Pardot Google Content
Google Analytics Term¹ ³ Pardot Google Term
Must create custom field to sync (no default) Status (see Viewing "Active" & "Inactive" Prospects in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for details on creating dynamic lists in Pardot based on this field)
Must create custom field to sync (no default) Mobile Phone
¹Pardot's proprietary fields (Pardot Campaign, Score, Grade, etc.), the referrer fields, and the Google Analytics Connector fields map to Microsoft Dynamics fields that are read-only; thus, they are the only non-custom fields that are considered the master over Microsoft Dynamics fields by default and cannot be remapped to sync with other fields in Microsoft Dynamics. The Assigned User, Recent Interaction, Prospect Opted Out, and Email fields also cannot be edited to make Pardot the master or remapped to another field in Microsoft Dynamics. ²Do Not Email and Prospect Opted Out both map to Microsoft Dynamics' Do Not Allow Bulk E-mails field by default.  If these fields are selected in Pardot or Microsoft Dynamics, the value will sync over to ensure prospects are not mistakenly emailed once they have unsubscribed or bounced.  Do Not Email can be remapped to another field in Microsoft Dynamics by editing this field in Pardot. Prospect Opted Out cannot be remapped to another field.  If Do Not Email is remapped, Prospect Opted Out will stop syncing with Microsoft Dynamics. ³The Google Analytics fields will only display on prospects if the Google Analytics Connector is verified in Pardot. Note: If a field in Microsoft Dynamics is a dropdown, the mapping field in Pardot must also be a dropdown that matches identically (they are case sensitive) in order to sync with these fields.

Default Account Field Mapping

Pardot Account Field Microsoft Dynamics Account Field
Annual Revenue revenue
Billing Address One address1_line1
Billing Address Two address1_line2
Billing City address1_city
Billing Country address1_country
Billing State address1_stateorprovince
Billing Zip address1_postalcode
Description description
Fax fax
Industry industrycode
Name name
Number accountnumber
Number of Employees numberofemployees
Ownership ownershipcode
Phone telephone1
Rating accountratingcode
Shipping Address One address2_line1
Shipping Address Two address2_line2
Shipping City address2_city
Shipping Country address2_country
Shipping State address2_stateorprovince
Shipping Zip address2_postalcode
SIC Code sic
Site --
Ticker Symbol tickersymbol
Type --
Website websiteurl

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