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How are Prospects Synced with NetSuite?

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If a prospect is not assigned within Pardot, we will not create any new records in NetSuite but we will look for an existing contact in NetSuite with which to sync. If a prospect in Pardot and a contact in NetSuite have the same email address, syncing between Pardot and Netsuite will occur, even if the prospect was not assigned within Pardot.

Contact Exists in Netsuite

If a contact already exists within NetSuite with that email address, we sync with that contact and the contact's company. With the exception of Pardot Campaign, PI Score, PI Grade, and PI Comments, if there are any conflicts between data in NetSuite and Pardot, the data in NetSuite will always win when the records sync. Thus, any changes to any other fields for a contact/prospect should be made in NetSuite. If multiple records with the same email address exist in NetSuite, Pardot will sync with one of the following, in this order:
  1. the first found "customer as an individual" with a matching email address
  2. the first found contact with a matching email address
Although the Pardot prospect will only sync with one NetSuite record, the prospect activities table will still be visible in all NetSuite records that share the same email address.

Contact Does Not Exist in Netsuite

If there is no contact in NetSuite with that email address, we look for a customer record with that email address.
  • If a customer record with that email address exists in NetSuite and the customer is an individual, we sync with that individual's record.
  • If a “company” customer record with the same name as the prospect’s company exists in NetSuite, and we assign  a user to that prospect, we create a contact record for the prospect, and attach it to that company.
    • Upon synching with Pardot, the sales rep from the “company” record in NetSuite will override the chosen assigned user in Pardot for the contact’s prospect record.
    • If the team selling feature is enabled in NetSuite, the primary sales rep on the customer record will be used as the assigned user.
  • If there are no contacts or customers that match in NetSuite, we create a contact record for the prospect, and create a customer record for the company (a company name and user assignment must be provided on the prospect record in Pardot).
If a company's assigned sales rep in NetSuite is changed, Pardot will not automatically pull down this new assignment to corresponding contacts that we are syncing with. Updates to a company record are recognized as a change to a group of contacts, rather than to individual contact, and therefore does not trigger a sync for these contact(s). Once a sync is triggered for those individual contacts, the assignment information for the corresponding prospect(s) will be updated in Pardot. Note: Currently Pardot does not seamlessly integrate with the NetSuite "Leads as Individuals" model. For full details click here.

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