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GoodData Reporting

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2017 | Print this Article
GoodData is not compatible with Pardot accounts that allow multiple prospects with the same email address (AMPSEA).

If you want to take advantage of this feature, contact Pardot Support to have it enabled for your account.

Creating a Dashboard

The reports that we create in GoodData can be accessed individually and shared on their own, for users who are Administrators of your Pardot account. However if you would like to share these Reports in a much more convenient and digestable format, you can place them all on the one Dashboard that you can view in Pardot by navigating to Reports > Connected Apps > GoodData.

You can create multiple Dashboards which can contain multiple tabs, each dashboard can contain any variety and combination of Reports to display, compare and contrast different data sets!

Dashboard Tabs

Only the default Dashboard that is named ‘Pardot Analytics’ is visible whilst viewing from the iframe created in Pardot, so simply add tabs or edit existing tabs to make these reports visible there, otherwise all other Dashboards are visible when you click onto the +GoodData option.

Pardot GD Dashboard

Scheduling Reports

Once we have created the desired report in GoodData, we can automate the process of sending these reports out to the desired email addresses on a specified schedule. When you are specifying who these reports are going to (To) anyone who you wish to receive a scheduled email of these reports, they must first be a member of the project. Users who are Administrators on your Pardot at the time of activating your GoodData connector will automatically be added as members of your GoodData project. To add members to the project, simply navigate to : Manage > Projects & Users – and then select to +Invite Users Here you can add anyone you wish to share your GoodData projects with. Once you have accessed GoodData, you can navigate to the scheduling area by clicking through: Manage > Emailing Dashboards > Schedule New Email.

Schedule a Report

From here you can enter: - To : Who is going to receive this report? - Subject: This determines the subject line of the email that will be sent - Message: A message to explain or comment on the report Once this is all good to go, you need to select the Report or Dashboard you would like to send and in what format. We can send these reports as: - .pdf - .csv - Excel (.xls) - Inline Message in the email Dashboards can only be sent as .PDF files Then, choose the schedule for this email, whether you would like it as a one off or repeated on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) and even at a specific time!

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