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Wistia Connector Overview

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Wistia is a service for hosting and sharing videos online. Wistia helps measure the engagement of your content and has awesome analytics that track:

  • Who is viewing your video
  • What percentage of people hit play
  • How much (and what parts) of the video people are watching
  • Converting unknown viewers to known prospects via Turnstile

If you are on the Wistia Advanced or Premium plan, this connector allows Pardot users to:
  • Record activity in Pardot when visitors or prospects watch a video
  • Create a prospect in Pardot when there is a conversion through the pre- or post- video forms (turnstile)
  • Update Wistia with the prospect’s email address if the viewer is already known to Pardot

Setting Up the Wistia Connector in Pardot

  1. Navigate to Admin > Connectors.
  2. Click + Create new connector.
  3. Select Wistia from the list of webinar connectors, under "Video Connectors".
  4. Enter the Wistia API password of a Wistia administrator (Generate an API password key from the API option on the Account Dashboard. The user name is always "api").
  5. Optionally toggle on Enter the Wistia Public Token. The public token is required to display Heatmaps in Pardot.
    Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 3.58.49 PM
  6. Go back to Connectors home page and click to verify for your account. Once this is verified, you should see a green checkbox indicating you are connected.

Once set up, you’ll begin to see all your Wistia videos populate in Pardot. From this point forward video activity will appear in Pardot as visitors and prospects watch Wistia videos embedded on your website. Video activities and reports made prior to the connector setup are not brought into Pardot.

Using Wistia Playlists

To track plays in Wistia playlists, you'll need to use the API embed type.

  1. In Wistia, navigate to the project you wish to create a playlist for.
  2. Select Get Playlist from the Project Actions menu.
    wistia dropdown
  3. Under Embed Type, click Show Advanced Features, and then select API.
  4. Copy the embed code.

Note that plays are not tracked if the Wistia turnstile is enabled. To track a visitor's plays in a playlist, disable the Wistia turnstile and use a Pardot form.

Video Activity Tracking and HeatMaps

Pardot records two types of video activities:

  • Video plays: this is recorded when a visitor or prospect clicks the play button on an embedded video.
  • Viewing more than 75% of a video: Pardot also records when someone watched at least 3/4 of a video as it shows significant engagement.
NOTE: These activities are available to view from the Pardot prospect record. Please note that you must have Pardot tracking code on any pages that you wish to track engagement with your Wistia videos.

wistia- prospect video-activity

A video heatmap is a graphical representation of a single viewing session of your video. Each viewer of a Wistia-hosted video is assigned a heatmap, which shows the specific interaction they had with the video. Heatmaps contain viewer information, contextual information (when the video was watched and where) and a color-coded timeline which represents how the viewer interacted with the video.

  • White means that portion of the video was not watched.
  • Green tells you that the viewer watched that part exactly once.
  • Yellow, orange, light red, and dark red show you that the viewer watched that part of the video two, three, four, or five times respectively.

Next to each heatmap is shown the total percentage of the video that viewer watched (parts watched multiple times are only counted once). Heatmaps are powerful for understanding how certain users watch your video. Is there a specific topic that is interesting to viewers from your email campaign? Do international viewers tune out quicker than local ones? When are the most engaged viewers watching your videos? This information and more can be derived from heatmaps. For more information, please refer to this Wistia Analytics article.

Sales users can also see a prospect's engagement with a Wistia video , it will be recorded as an activity type in the CRM. Instead of a heatmap, they will see the percentage of the video viewed in parentheses next to the video title.

CRM View of Wistia activities


Pardot already has default scores in your account for video conversions, video plays and for watching over 75% of a video. You can adjust scoring values under Administration > Automation Settings > Scoring Rules.

Video Scoring Settings
Video Scoring Rules

Video Reporting

Video reports show the number of conversions (prospects created via Wistia Turnstiles – forms within the embedded video player).

Wistia overall-video-report-1024x482

From there, you can click on the individual video you would like to view more information about and it will take you to a new screen where you can view the number of prospects, visitors, and average percentage of people who clicked play.

Individual Video Report

Turnstile Integration

If you use Wistia turnstiles to collect email addresses before, during, or after video plays, Pardot will automatically create prospects and record conversions. When a visitor fills out the turnstile form, Pardot will look for a prospect with a matching email address. If Pardot finds a prospect with a matching email address, it will associate the Wistia activities to that prospect record. If Pardot finds multiple prospects with the same email address, it will associate the Wistia activities to the prospect with the most recent activity (as determined by the Last Activity Field).

Pardot is not able to track plays if the Wistia turnstile is enabled for a Wistia playlist. To track a visitor’s plays in a playlist, disable the Wistia turnstile and use a Pardot form.

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