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How do I stop an email from being sent?

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
If you have sent an email but are not seeing it in the Marketing Calendar or the Reports > Emails view, first make sure the email isn't hidden. Navigate to Marketing > Emails, then change the view to Hidden Emails. Click here for a brief video. (opens on same page). If you still can't find your email, contact our Support Team so we can investigate for you. Sending your email again can result in it being sent twice to your prospects.

Canceling Scheduled Emails

  1. Go to Marketing > Emails > Scheduled Emails.
  2. Click the gear icon next to the email you'd like to cancel and select Edit. Editing a scheduled email will change it to a draft (which is then displayed in the My Drafts view) and cancel its scheduled deployment.
  3. The wizard will launch from the beginning. Navigate through the steps to make any necessary changes to your email, or simply use the upper navigation to skip straight to the Delivery Date step to schedule your email again.
Note: Your email will not be scheduled, sent, or saved as a draft until the Finish button in the Confirmation step is clicked.

Pausing List Emails

If you need to cancel a list email that is queued but has not gone out yet, you can pause it by going to Reports > Emails, click on the Name of your list email, and then click the Pause link next to Total Queued.

Note: Unfortunately some of your emails may still go out if the email was already being sent when it was paused.

You can also then click the Hide button next to the name of your list email under Marketing > Emails. Click the gear icon next to the email you want to hide, then click Hide.  if you no longer want it to display in that table (to help prevent it from being accidentally resumed). To retrieve a hidden email, go to Marketing > Emails and change the View in the top table to Hidden Emails. Then click the Unhide link.

Pausing Drip Programs

Drip programs can be paused by going to Marketing > Automation and clicking the Pause link next to the name of your drip.

Note: Unfortunately some of your drip emails may still go out if they were already being sent when the drip was paused.

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