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Testing Engagement Programs

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2016 | Print this Article

Engagement Studio provides an interactive testing experience that takes you through your program steps, lets you preview emails, and helps you ensure that your program works as intended.

We highly recommend testing your Engagement Programs before you start them. You'll be able to make adjustments to any steps that didn't work the way you expected, and you can be sure your program is perfect before you send the first email.

Note: During a test, no prospects will move through a program and no emails will be sent.

How to Test Engagement Programs

To test an Engagement Program, click the Test tab. Your test will start automatically. You'll be prompted to choose Yes or No for all Triggers and Rules on the path. During the test you can:

  • Click the image icon on Send Email steps to open a preview of the email.
  • Open the steps on in the Test Log, and click links to view Pardot assets included in the program. For example, on a Remove from List step, you can open the Test Log and click the list name to view the list in Pardot.
  • Start the test over, or restart from a step. To restart from a step, open the step in the Test Log, and click Restart From Here. To restart from the beginning, click Start Over.

This video shows an example test. Click to expand the video.


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