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Import Field Validation

Keep your data clean when you do an import! Pardot admins can choose to set prospect default and custom fields with predefined values to be validated on import. This allows prospects to be imported and fields t...

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Importing Prospects

Import allows you to easily import a CSV file of new prospects or perform a mass update of existing prospects in Pardot. If your account does not allow multiple prospects with the same email address, then email...

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Why isn't the number of prospects I imported as high as I expected?

When importing prospects from a CSV file, it is important to remember a few key facts about how Pardot works: Prospect email addresses must be unique in Pardot if your account does not allow multiple prospec...

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Prospect Import Status Overview

This article covers what each prospect import status means. Prospect imports have one of three statuses: Waiting: the import is queued and waiting for Pardot to start processing it. You do not have to ...

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