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Enabling Single Sign-On for SugarCRM

Concept window.location = ''; It is important to set up your SugarCRM/Pardot single...

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Manually Setting up Custom Fields in SugarCRM

Concept window.location = ''; If you would prefer to install the fields manually, y...

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SugarCRM Connector

As of the Summer '16 release (June 2016), the SugarCRM connector is no longer available to new customers. Accounts provisioned before the Summer '16 release will integrate only with Sugar versions 5.4.X - 7.1.X...

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SugarCRM Installer Package

Before you Begin If your CRM has security features enabled to restrict logins to a limited set of IP ranges, you will need to have your CRM administrator add these IP ranges to your CRM whitelist: window.locat...

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What to do with bad contacts and leads in SugarCRM

Concept In SugarCRM, you may manage bad leads and contacts by deleting them. Here’s what you should know about SugarCRM and Pardot so you can make the best decision. window.location = '

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How do Pardot default fields map to SugarCRM?

Concept The following field mappings for individual records (prospects and leads/contacts) and accounts are set up automatically when you verify your SugarCRM connector.  By default, SugarCRM will be the maste...

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