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Unsubscribe Page Overview

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2016 | Print this Article

All Pardot accounts include a ready-made unsubscribe page that is represented by the %%unsubscribe%% variable tag in your emails. Layout templates can be used to style these pages in the same way you can with other landing pages.

To ensure CAN-SPAM compliance, Pardot requires that every email includes an unsubscribe link or email preference page link.  When emails containing with the %%unsubscribe%% variable tag are sent using Pardot, Pardot replaces the tag with an unsubscribe link specific to the recipient. It will look something like this: The hash at the end of the link represents a specific prospect so Pardot can automatically unsubscribe the correct recipient.

Similarly, if an email preference page link is included instead of the unsubscribe link, Pardot will rewrite the link in so it's specific to each recipient, and the email preference page will also include a link for the prospect to unsubscribe from all emails.

Unsubscribe links and Email Preference Page link clicks will not trigger completion actions, and aren't counted toward Total Clicks in email reporting.

You can find your Unsubscribe Page by navigating to  Marketing > Emails > Unsubscribe Page. By default, all unsubscribe pages contain the same message: "You have been successfully unsubscribed from email communications. If you did this in error, you may re-subscribe by clicking the button below." and thank you content: "You have successfully resubscribed to email communications."

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