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Creating Form Handlers

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Form handlers allow you to manage forms yourself and post the data to Pardot. This allows you to completely customize your form's look and feel and still use Pardot to track the form. These instructions walk you through the basics of creating a form handler:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Forms > Form Handlers.
  2. Click + Add Form Handler.
  3. Enter a Name.
  4. Choose a Folder.
  5. Optional: Add Tags.
  6. Choose a Campaign.
  7. Optional: enable Kiosk/Data Entry Mode.
  8. Mark Enable data forwarding to success location if the data from the target form is to be forwarded to another service other than Pardot.
  9. Optional: mark Disable Visitor Activity throttling and send auto-responder emails after every submission.
  10. In the Success Location dropdown, select Specific URL* or Referring URL.**
  11. In the Error Location dropdown, select either 'Referring URL' or 'Specific URL' as the location where the visitor should be redirected if there is an error with the form. Note:
    • If you select the 'Referring URL', then you cannot enter a specific error location.
    • If you select the 'Specific URL' then you will need type in the URL of where you want the visitor redirected if the form field values are incorrect. This is only available for error locations set to a 'Specific URL.'
  12. Optional: add Completion Actions.
  13. Add and map your form handler fields.
  14. Click Create form handler to save.

*We recommend selecting 'Specific URL' if you want the visitor to be redirected upon successfully completing the form, OR if you are forwarding the prospect's data to another database (see step 8 above). If you select 'Specific URL', you will need to input a URL in the text box. Input the URL of where you want the visitor to be redirected upon successful completion (this is only available for success locations set to a 'Specific URL') or the POST URL for the third party database where you are forwarding the prospect's submitted information.

**We recommend selecting 'Referring URL' if your form is on a page with content that you want your prospect to view again after submitting the form or if you have a javascript heavy page and want to return the prospect to the original form to display new content. If you select the 'Referring URL' then you will not need to enter a specific success location.

  • Conditional fields do not work for form handlers as Pardot does not control your form's code (and therefore behavior) in this case.
  • The Endpoint URL in your form handler's summary is its POST URL.

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