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Mapping Fields in Form Handlers

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
If you use form handlers in Pardot, you'll need to map the form handler fields to the fields in your form. While creating or editing a form handler, follow these steps to add and map fields:
  1. Click Add New Field.
  2. Enter External Field Name with the exact name of the form field as it appears on your form. This is specified by the 'name=' attribute of the input tag in the HTML of your original form. Note: external field names are case-sensitive.
  3. Select the Pardot Prospect Field the external field names should map to.
  4. Edit Data Format as needed.
  5. Optional: in the Advanced tab, enter an Error Message.
  6. Optional: in the Advanced tab, mark Maintain the initial value upon subsequent form submissions if necessary. Note: Marking this will prevent Pardot from updating an existing value in the prospect's record.
  7. Click Save changes.
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