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Creating and Sending Emails to Test Lists

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
Creating a Test List for emails allows you to easily create prospects from your account's users, and designate them as members of an Email Test list. Test Lists are available for use in both Email Template Flow and Email Flow. Emails sent to to the test list will have tracked links rewritten and variable tags populated to simulate what the prospect will see when the email is sent.

Creating a Test List

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Segmentation > Lists.
  2. Click + Add list.
  3. Name your list ‘Internal Test’ or some other name that will easy to reference.
  4. Mark Email Test List.
Your test lists are accessible in the Testing Tab of Email Template Flow and Email Flow.

Convert Users to Prospect to be Added to Test List

Create prospects from Pardot users that you would like to receive a live test.

  1. Navigate to Admin > User Management > Users.
  2. Select users for the test list from the User Table.
  3. Use the batch action located in the dropdown to the lower left of the user table to "create prospects and add to test list”.
Note: If the users are not currently prospects, new prospect records will be created for them with their email addresses. If the users do currently exist as prospects, they will be added to the list specified. A duplicate record will not be created.

Add Prospects to Test List

Any prospect can be a member of an account’s test list.
  1. Navigate to Prospects > Prospects list.
  2. Search for your user’s prospect record by using the filter bar.
  3. Click on the user’s prospect record.
  4. Click Lists in the prospect navigation bar.
  5. Select your test list from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click Save lists.

Repeat these steps for each user's email address that you would like to include on your test list.

You can also use table actions to add prospects to the Test List:

  1. Navigate to Prospects > Prospects List.
  2. Select all desired users in the prospect table. To select the whole table (not just the prospects visible on the current page) mark the box at the top left of the table and then click the link that appears with the full number of prospects on the table.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the table and select Add to List from the dropdown.
  4. Select the test list from the available lists in the dropdown.

Tracked Links, Variable Tags and the From field

Emails sent to to the test list will have tracked links rewritten and variable tags populated to simulate what the prospect will see when the email is sent. Any email sent to the test list will also replicate the "From" user specified on the email template or email draft level so that all the content in the draft or email template exactly replicates a prospect's interaction with the email.


  • Prospects can not be added to Test Lists during an import.
  • Each Test List can have up to 100 prospects.
  • The Test Email Send does not provide HTML and Text versions separately; the Test Email sends a multipart HTML email, and your email inbox will decide which version (HTML or Text) to display.
  • Test Email Sends are available for both the Email Template Flow and Email Flow.
  • Standard, Pro, and Ultimate editions can use Test Lists.
  • Test lists are available only for use in the Testing tab of Email Flow -- they can't be used anywhere else in Pardot.
  • If you click the Unsubscribe link in your test email or make changes in the Email Preference Center, you won't actually be unsubscribed and your preferences won't be updated. You'll see a confirmation page to show that the link is working as intended. 
  • Completion actions do not run on test list sends. 
  • Test lists cannot be dynamic lists, CRM visible, public lists (on the Email Preference Center), or scheduled for archiving.
  • Emails sent to test lists are tracked -- Pardot records opens and clicks. Test emails sent to individual emails are not tracked. Test list email reporting is available by navigating to Reporting > Emails > Test send emails report.

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