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LinkedIn Connector Overview

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Pardot has two LinkedIn connectors — one allows you to quickly jump to the LinkedIn results for a prospect or their company, the other allows you to deploy social posts to LinkedIn from Pardot.

Please note that you must verify connectors in Pardot, not through Pardot frames within Salesforce.

Profile Lookup Connector

The LinkedIn profile lookup connector lets you view LinkedIn profiles for your prospects, based on their first name, last name, and company (if provided). This connector should be automatically enabled in newer accounts. If you don't see this Social Media connector under Admin > Connectors, follow these steps to enable it:
  1. Navigate to  Admin > Connectors.
  2. Click +Create new connector.
  3. Select LinkedIn under the Social Media section.
  4. Click Create connector to activate the LinkedIn connector.
Now you'll be able to click on the LinkedIn icon on a prospect's profile to launch a new window with their LinkedIn information.

Creating the connector will activate the LinkedIn feature across all of your user accounts. You do not need to enter your LinkedIn credentials to create a connector, but you may be prompted to sign-in once you arrive at the LinkedIn site.

LinkedIn Social Posting Connector

Social posting connectors allow you to post messages to social networks, including LinkedIn. See our full Social posting connectors article for more information on each.

The LinkedIn Social posting connector posts to individual accounts and company pages. You can have as many LinkedIn Social posting connectors in your account as you wish.
  • The process for setting up company pages and individual accounts is the same. When you use Social Posting, you'll be able to choose to post as an individual user or the company. 
  • You must set up a LinkedIn company page using the page owner's credentials. Your LinkedIn user must be an authorized admin of the LinkedIn company page to be able to use Pardot to post to your company page. 
  • The LinkedIn Social Posting connector supports individual and company pages. It doesn't support LinkedIn Groups.
  • Due to LinkedIn security requirements, the Social Posting connector will need to be reverified periodically to re-grant API access permissions. You'll receive an in-app notification when it's time to reverify.
Follow these instructions to set one up:
  1. Navigate to Admin > Connectors.
  2. Click +Create new connector.
  3. Select LinkedIn under the Social Posting Connectors section.
  4. Click Create connector to install the LinkedIn connector.
  5. Once the connector is created, click Verify Now; you'll be taken to a login page.
  6. Log in to your LinkedIn account, and click Allow Access.
Note: If you already have personal account connectors set up, you may need to reverify them in order to be able to post to a company LinkedIn page.

That's it! You can now schedule LinkedIn posts from the Marketing > Social menu. If you wish to set up another LinkedIn Social posting connector, log out of LinkedIn, and follow the instructions above to create a second connector with new login information.

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