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Tools that will help you take your Marketing Automation to the next level.

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification Overview: How to automatically qualify leads with scoring and grading, which can save time and resources while increasing close rates and improving sales and marketing alignment.

Lab: Scoring & Grading

eLearning Module: Scoring & Grading

Whitepaper: The Complete Guide to Automated Lead Scoring & Grading

Handbook: Scoring & Grading

Webinar: Lead Qualification Best Practices & Erosion

Scoring: Scores constantly change based on a Prospect's activities and interactions to show how engaged your prospects are with your marketing materials. Scoring helps you determine which behaviors indicate when a lead is sales ready.

Article: How are Prospects Scored?

Webinar: Scoring

Worksheet: How to Optimize Your Automated Lead Scoring Model 

Grading: Grades are based on explicit information about the prospect (industry, title, company size, etc.), which helps show how well a prospect fits your ideal prospect profile.

Article: Grading Best Practices

Webinar: Grading

Worksheet/Blog: When Scoring Just Isn’t Enough 


Segmentation List: Segmentation List: Lists are groups of prospects that can be used to send list emails or to build drip marketing programs.

Article: Lists Overview 

Dynamic List: Dynamic lists are rule-based lists of prospects that automatically update as prospect data changes.

Article: Dynamic List Overview

Article: Creating Dynamic Lists

Article: Recency and Frequency Rule Type 

Tags: Tags are a lightweight, flexible, user-driven taxonomy for use in sorting/filtering data and reporting. Every asset in Pardot — prospects as well as content — can be tagged with one or multiple keywords or phrases.

Article: Tags Overview

Article: Tags Best Practices

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing: Allows you to automatically move prospects through the sales cycle and bring them to a sales-ready state, without wasting sales reps’ time with unnecessary manual processes. Also referred to as “drip marketing,” because it is the process of “dripping” valuable marketing content to leads based on preset time intervals or prospect actions.

Lab: Lead Nurturing

Handbook: Lead Nurturing

Whitepaper: Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing

Worksheet: Lead Nurturing Prep

Article: Drip Program Basics

Article: Drip Program Examples

Dynamic Content

Basic Dynamic Content: Customers are more likely to respond to your messaging when your email is personalized. Inserting basic dynamic content (or variable tags) in an email template is a simple way to personalize your message to a specific customer.

Article: Variable Tags 

Advanced Dynamic Content: Advanced Dynamic Content allows you to show specific content within your emails and webpages to your prospects based on their criteria, including a prospect’s score, grade, or field value for default fields or custom fields.

Article: Advanced Dynamic Content

Whitepaper: Personalization with Automation -- The Complete Guide 

Automation Rules

Automation Rules Overview: Automation rules allow you to perform certain marketing and sales actions based on criteria that you specify.

Article: Automation Rules Overview

Article: Creating an Automation Rule

Article: Automation Rule FAQs


Webinar Connectors: Pardot integrates with GoToWebinar, WebEx, and ReadyTalk. Here you will find instructions on how to set up a Connector with each of these Webinar Tools.

Article: GoToWebinar Connector

Article: WebEx Connector

Article: ReadyTalk Connector 

Webinar Strategy: Learn more about how Pardot bi-directionally syncs through your webinar connector and how to access webinar reporting at the webinar and prospect level. Along with marketing best practices for webinars.

Whitepaper: Marketing Webinars Handbook

Tipsheet: Better Webinars Worksheet: Webinars

eLearning Module: Webinar Marketing 

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Overview: An effective Content Marketing Campaign is made up of not only the creation of great content, but also includes content execution, promotion, distribution, and measurement.

Whitepaper: Content Creation Guide

Checklist: Content Marketing Promotion

Handbook: Industry Influencers 

Blogging: Whether you are a new blogger looking to add content to your marketing mix or a veteran looking to get more visibility for your posts, learn more about the benefits of blogging, how to optimize your post structure, make your post stand out from the crowds and maximize your exposure.

Handbook: Business Blogging

Tipsheet: Breakthrough Blogging

Worksheet: Blog Promotion 


SEO: Efficiently optimize for SEO when building your website, including which elements of your website should be optimized, from title tags to internal links and more.

Handbook: SEO

Checklist: SEO

Worksheet: SEO 

Site Search

Site Search Integration: Integrate with a Third-party Site Search to better a prospect’s intent based on their searches on your website.

Article: Third-Party Site Search Integration

Article: Google Site Search Integration

Article: Wordpress Site Search Integration

Paid Search

Paid Search Reporting: Paid Search reporting includes paid search keywords from several vendors (Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo!,, and Indeed), as well as statistics on your Google AdWords campaigns (pulled in through the Google AdWords connector). These statistics are tied back to opportunity value and revenue to measure ROI.

Article: Paid Search Report 

Google AdWords: With the Google AdWords connector for Pardot, you can tie your Google Adwords account information back to your CRM opportunity data to gain insight on marketing ROI. Learn how to setup and verify your Google Adwords connector and how to track and report on prospects whose first touchpoint is a Google AdWords paid search ad.

Article: Google AdWords Connector

eLearning Module: Google AdWords

Article: Google AdWords Conversions 

Additional Tracking Tools

Page Actions: Trigger completion actions (notifications, field value changes, assignments, etc.) off of page views.

Article: Page Actions 

Custom Redirects: Custom redirects allow you to track any link on your website or a third party site (for example, a link your Twitter page, a banner ad on a third party site, and so on).

Article: Creating Custom Redirects

Blog: 4 Important Benefits of Using Custom Redirects 

Other Connectors

Connectors Overview: Pardot offers a variety of Connectors that allow you to connect your Pardot account with a third-party tool.

Article: Connectors If you have your own custom domain, Pardot will automatically use that when shortening URLs.

Article: Setting Up the Connector 

Eventbrite: This will provide reporting and scoring on event registrations and attendance.

Article: Setting Up the Eventbrite Connector 

GoodData: GoodData is an advanced business intelligence solution to help you customize your reporting.

Article: Setting Up the GoodData Connector 

Google Analytics: This will pass the campaign name, medium, source, content, and term from Google Analytics Keyword Tags to Pardot and can sync these fields to a compatible CRM if desired.

Article: Setting Up the Google Analytics Connector 

Olark: Olark is a very easy to use business chat solution that lets your reps chat with visitors and prospects who are on your site and record the conversations.

Article: Setting Up the Olark Connector 

Social Posting: Add social connectors for Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts to post to one or more accounts simultaneously.

Article: Setting Up the Social Posting Connectors 

Twilio: Twilio is a service that will alert users of a form submission with a phone call. The user can even choose to call the prospect immediately. Twilio will automatically connect the user directly if desired.

Article: Setting Up the Twilio Connector 

UserVoice: Pardot syncs bidirectionally with UserVoice, a suggestion tracking and support ticketing system.

Article: Setting Up the UserVoice Connector 

Wistia: Wistia is a commercial service for hosting and sharing videos online that helps measure the engagement of your content with awesome analytics tracking.

Article: Setting Up the Wistia Connector 
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